Choosing Mediation over Litigation

“I’ll see you in court “

This is a common phrase heard in today’s society, when people find themselves in a situation where they perceive a need for legal intervention.

But not so fast. Initiating court proceedings has become a natural first step when someone is pondering legal action. There are some matters that require court intervention. But should it be the first approach? Perhaps there’s a better way…

Mediation is a not a familiar term for some. In fact, don’t be surprised if someone misinterprets it as meditation instead. In fact, this method may become the way of the future.

Mediation is a process where a neutral mediator sits down with both parties and, without deciding the issues involved or imposing solutions, assists them in reaching a mutually agreeable resolution. The clients are empowered to brainstorm their own options, rather than have a judge determine them.

Why go this route? Compared to hiring a lawyer and going to court, this method may be quicker, cheaper, but most importantly – it may be less painful. You may be able to skip the mudslinging drama you love to watch on reruns of Law & Order and focus on the things that do matter – taking care of your family and moving forward.

In mediation, the focus is on the parties, not on winning, billable hours, or getting even with the opposing side. The end goal is peaceful conflict resolution.

Next time you are thinking about suing your tenant, divorcing your spouse, or simply facing any conflict, remember … there may be a better way- and that way may be mediation.


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There is a better way. Let’s get started.

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