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Discover the Challa Law & Mediation blog. Hetal is the creator of Challaforchange, a blog that educates the public about mediation, family law and parenting concerns. Be sure to get in touch with the Challa Law & Mediation to get started with your legal matter or mediation in Virginia Beach.

Lawyer Wellness session : Coffee chat with Jim Leffler

Come join Jim Leffler and Janet Van Cuyk for an informal chat to discuss valuable coping skills to benefit your mind and your business.

Chesapeake Bar Association

Hetal Challa is proud to be sworn in as an Executive Board Member of the Chesapeake Bar Association.

The Legal Frenzy Fundraiser, Second Place

We are proud to announce that Challa Law received second place in The Legal Frenzy, a local legal fundraiser to help raise proceeds for the Southeastern Food Bank.

Choosing Mediation over Litigation

There is a better way to confront conflict and resolve complex emotional issues. The better way is mediation, not litigation. Learn More.


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At Challa Law, we are proud to provide legal services for any type of case where there is a conflict or potential conflict. We can take on mitigation settlement, landlord-tenant, neighborhood disputes, protective orders, employment, elder law, contract disputes, and peer mediation in schools.